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Looking to start a vintage lure collection.
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Dennis Marken - Aug 4th, 2016 6:00 pm.
Dennis Marken
Dennis Marken
I have just recently gotten into fishing. It's something I had done several times growing up but it wasn't until several months ago when I bought myself a rod and reel and took myself fishing for the first time in 10 years that I discovered a passion that I have for the sport. I started researching all of the different types of lures that fishing has to offer when I stumbled across some pictures of vintage lures and the stories behind them. I also have a passion for history and stories, so to mesh those passions with my new found passion for fishing wasn't difficult to do. I am extremely new to all of this, so I was wondering if yall had any advice for someone who was trying to begin a collection of vintage lures, where the best places to find them are, how much I'm looking at spending, or just any information yall might think would be helpful. I appreciate your help and I look forward to hearing from yall! Thank you!
re: Looking to start a vintage lure collection. by Les Ozimkowski - Aug 12th, 2016 2:17 pm
Les Ozimkowski
Les Ozimkowski
Glad you posted you message here Dennis. I only started collecting about 3 years ago and actually started learning about the wide array of lures from auction sites. In the interest of learning more, I saw some of the fishing lure books that were for sale and purchased Murphy/ Edmisten, Fishing Lure Collectible, 2nd edition. I studied the book and learned about the history of some of the major manufacturers and visited my first antique shop in Bolton Landing, NY called Black Bass Antiques. Bought my first few lures from Henry Caldwell at Black Bass and have been friends since. He turned my on to the NFLCC and I have been a member since. This website can be a wealth of information, as well as sites such as Joe's Old Lures where you can chat, trade, sell, buy, learn, laugh and learn even more. Most of all, you will enjoy the friendships you will build in this great hobby. If you have any questions, you can reach me at and I would be more than happy to chat about this great hobby. Here are some pics from some of our shows..........
Les Ozimkowski Les Ozimkowski Les Ozimkowski Les Ozimkowski Les Ozimkowski Les Ozimkowski
re: Looking to start a vintage lure collection. by Gibby Gibson - Aug 11th, 2016 9:39 am
Gibby Gibson
Gibby Gibson
The wonderful thing about collecting fishing tackle is that the subject matter is so broad that it allows the collector to choose and change his or hers item of collecting. You can collect lures by company, color, age, or maker. You can collect reels, split shot tins, rods, minnow buckets, tackle boxes, and much more but find your niche then collect what you love. As in any collectible knowledge is paramount and you have come the pinnacle in the NFLCC. Through its publications, shows, and friendships with fellow collectors, your education has begun.
re: Looking to start a vintage lure collection. by Tom Penniston - Aug 9th, 2016 5:14 pm
Tom Penniston
Tom Penniston
The books are great, and were a place to start for must of us, although some of us collected before most or all of the books were published. Your best bet is to join the NFLCC. You'll get a directory of all the collectors. Get to know some near you. Go to some shows. No book can give you an education better than seeing lures, reels, advertising, etc. in person. Everyone I know is a wealth of information and always will to help out new collectors. I learned the most from making friends and learning from them what they spent years learning. I even made friends that became like family, friendships that have lasted nearly 30 years now. It's a fun hobby, and a great way to learn about an important component of our American heritage.
re: Looking to start a vintage lure collection. by steve buturlia - Aug 4th, 2016 7:46 pm
steve buturlia
steve buturlia
There's hundreds of manufacturers of old fishing lures to choose from with lures being made from metal, plastic and wood. Pricing can vary greatly depending on what your interested in collecting. I would suggest buying a book dedicated to collecting old lures, i got started using carl f luckeys old fishing lures and tackle. You can buy lots of books off amazon. My grandfather used to fish with old fred arbogast jitterbugs and creek chub pikies, so for me it was sentimental to collect those. I know am a huge fan of dr harold smiths books and collect mainly creek chubs. As for where you can purchase them, there are many websites such as joes lures and the e-bay website. Hope this helps. Keep us posted with your choice and post pictures here.
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