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Strike-Master?? “Angler Special” or ?? Help ID Please
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by KJ Graham-Hubbard - May 26th, 2018 4:09 pm.
 KJ Graham-Hubbard
KJ Graham-Hubbard
I have exhausted my resources, ref books, web searches and would appreciate any help, or even thoughts on this beat up beauty.
Wood body is similar in shape to Strike-Master Surface Spraying Glider, but has slanted head with side glass eyes - also, Red Dots down sides pattern is similar to Strike-Master style. However, I have not found a match to any Strike-Master (Sure-Catch) lure I could find, or from any other lure manufacturer.
This was a part of a large 3 full tackle box auction I picked up. There were a couple lures in the lot that were repaints and 1 for sure that was a handmade “Anglers Special” (although this one was a brass bow-tie spinner), so I guess it cannot be ruled out that previous owner handmade it or pieced together parts / hardware from other lures. Note in belly pic that the forward hook hanger hardware is Pflueger Neverfail - this was how it was found, and it does also have what looks to be the original cup (matching the other cup) underneath the Neverfail - it appears that a previous owner replaced the screw eye hook hanger with this.
Anyone have any info, ideas or is this going in with my “folk art” lures? Thanks for your time! -KJ
 KJ Graham-Hubbard  KJ Graham-Hubbard  KJ Graham-Hubbard  KJ Graham-Hubbard
re: Strike-Master?? “Angler Special” or ?? Help ID Please by KJ Graham - May 31st, 2018 9:20 am
KJ Graham
KJ Graham
THANK YOU Joe! I have heard of the Fisheretto and maybe even saw one at the Minnesota Fishing Museum, but thought they all had a carved out / curved belly. Makes sense I finally ran across one of their lures though, as I am in Minnesota where they where manufactured by the Brown Brothers and got it in a local auction. Pretty cool too as I have family from Long Prairie, not far from Osakis and have even fished the lake. Definitely adding this one to my Minnesota Manufacturer's Collection. Thank you again, I appreciate your help! -KJ
re: Strike-Master?? “Angler Special” or ?? Help ID Please by Joe Stagnitti - May 29th, 2018 7:26 am
Joe Stagnitti
Joe Stagnitti
Brown's Fisheretto
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